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Hudson Troy Towers Apartment Corporation
House Rules & Regulations

The following information has been excerpted from the official HTTAC House Rules & Regulations document. While this representation is substantially current, the Rules are amended from time to time by the Board of Directors. When you apply to rent or purchase in the coop, a then-current printed copy will be provided to you.


In order to provide for the harmonious enjoyment of our building, its facilities and services, the House Rules and Regulations provide some structure for the interaction among residents.

This is a cooperative governed by state law and by the Certificate of Incorporation, the Proprietary Lease, the Bylaws, and the House Rules of the Hudson Troy Towers Apartment Corp., with which each and every shareholder and resident is bound to comply. Each of the shareholders has a lease to his or her individual apartment. However, the stairways, halls, laundry rooms, elevators, garage and other public areas of the building are owned by the Corporation for the common enjoyment of all shareholders and legal residents of the building.

Therefore, compliance with these rules is an obligation of each resident, his/her family and guests. These rules are designed to maintain the highest standards of conduct in the use of all apartments, common areas and other facilities of the building, so as to minimize the possibility of frictions developing among the relatively large numbers of people occupying the limited space of our building, to promote maintenance of the property and property values for all shareholders, and to promote the maximum enjoyment of the building and its facilities.

These rules are subject to amendment by the Board of Directors, and any amendment will be disseminated to all shareholders and all residents of the building. We ask that all residents and shareholders take the time to acquaint themselves with these rules.

House Rules and Regulations

The following House Rules and Regulations have been approved and adopted by the Board of Directors pursuant to Paragraph 13 of the Proprietary Lease and are to be observed by all shareholders, tenants, residents, their families, guests and employees. Breach of a House Rule may be deemed a default under the Proprietary Lease and may result in penalties or other enforcement action.

There is no first warning associated with violations to these Rules and Regulations. Any legal fees incurred by the Corporation in conjunction with the enforcement of these Rules and Regulations shall be at the shareholder’s expense. Ignorance of the rules, or failure to have read the rules, is not a legitimate excuse.

Administrative Charges

1. Shareholders/residents who are in violation of the House Rules will be subject to the Administrative Charges in paragraph 80, or in other applicable paragraphs as outlined in these House Rules and Regulations.

Advertising & Sales in the Building

2. Advertising is available to all residents as follows:

2.1. On channel 99 and on the web site, the cost to advertise is $25 per month for residents and $50 per month for non-residents. Anyone wishing to do so should contact the Property Manager.

2.2. Residents advertising on the bulletin boards must have the notice classified and approved by the Property Manager prior to placing it on the boards. A resident may advertise on the bulletin boards at no charge for charitable events and the sale of a second hand item. All other advertising is subject to the charges outlined in paragraph 2.1 above.

2.3. Flyers and bulletins will only be allowed to stay on the bulletin boards for a maximum of two weeks.

2.4. There shall be no door-to-door solicitation in the building.



3. The Corporation has resolutions in place, which provide for fines in the event of arrearages. Copies of these resolutions are available in the Property Manager's office.

4. Any member of the Board of Directors, or a Committee, who is more than 30 days in arrears, shall immediately submit his or her resignation to the Board President or Secretary.

Building’s External Appearance

5. Awnings, air conditioning units or ventilators shall not be installed or used in or about the building, unless approved in writing by the Board of Directors.

6. Nothing shall be projected out of any window, balcony or enclosure. The windows shall not be made unsightly by the use of such things as duct tape.

7. No signs, notices, advertisements or illuminations shall be inscribed or exposed on or at any window or any other part of the building. Christmas/Hanukkah decorations and lights may be displayed from Thanksgiving until 15 January.

8. No radio, TV aerial, or satellite dish shall be attached to or hung from any part of the exterior of the building without prior written approval of the Board of Directors, except as may otherwise be provided by law.

9. The shareholder shall keep the apartment windows clean. In case of refusal or neglect by the shareholder during ten days after receipt of notice in writing from the Property Manager to clean the windows, the building may do such cleaning. The Property Manager shall have the right to enter the apartment for the purpose. The cost of such cleaning will be charged to the shareholder.

10. Except for any barbeque grills installed by the Corporation itself for use by the shareholders, no gas or charcoal barbecue grills are to be used anywhere in the building, on the balconies or on the grounds. Shareholders may use electric grills on their balconies.

11. No shareholder shall install any plantings directly on a terrace, balcony or the roof. Plantings shall be contained in boxes of wood, lined with metal or other material impervious to dampness and standing on supports. These supports must stand at least two inches from the terrace, balcony or roof surface, and if adjoining a wall, at least three inches from such wall. Suitable weep holes shall be provided in the boxes to draw off water. In special locations, such as a corner abutting a parapet wall, plantings may be contained in masonry or hollow tile walls which are at least three inches from the parapet and flashing, with a floor of drainage tiles and suitable weep holes at the sides to draw off water. It shall be the responsibility of the shareholder to maintain the containers in good condition, and to keep the drainage tiles and weep holes in operating condition.

12. The terraces, open or enclosed, shall not be used as storage areas.

Card Room

13. The Card Room on the first floor is for the use of all residents. In order to use the room for a function, a resident must reserve the room with the Management Office. The cost of using the room is as follows:

13.1. If the room is used in a manner that any resident may participate in the event, there is no charge.

13.2. If the room is for the use of only a closed group of residents, then there is a charge of $25 per occurrence.

13.3. If the room is used with a non-resident participating in the function, there is a $25 charge.

14. The Card room is a non-smoking room. In the event of a smoking violation, the resident(s) using the room will be issued a $100 Administrative Charge on their maintenance bill. This fee must be paid within 30 days or it will become subject to the Administrative Charges associated with being in arrears.


15. Carts are provided in the lobby area to assist residents in moving heavy or bulky items to their apartments. These carts are provided for the use of all shareholders under the following conditions:

15.1. All usage is to be recorded by the Concierge.

15.2. Residents are required to sign for the use of carts in the log maintained by the Concierge.

15.3. Residents are required to promptly return all carts to the Concierge in the lobby within 30 minutes.

15.4. Leaving carts in the elevators or the hallways can result in a corrective action. This may range from a fine to suspension or loss of privileges for their use.


Construction Work

16. The following rules are intended only to supplement, and not to expand, the provisions of Article 21 of the Proprietary Lease. Prior to the commencement of any construction work, shareholders must fill in a Construction Request Form. The Form will enable:

16.1. The Management to become familiar with the type of construction proposed.

16.2. The Management to determine the requirement for a Permit.

16.3. The Management to determine the shareholder’s compliance with the requirement that electrical, plumbing, and general contractors be licensed and that these licenses must be presented to the Management Office prior to the commencement of any construction.

16.4. The Management to determine that the shareholder complies with the requirement for the contractor to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office.

16.5. The Management to determine that the shareholder complies with the requirement for the contractor to provide appropriate licensed carting service for disposal of construction material, carpeting discards, brick and stone, plaster, etc. in adequate carting bins and according to current recycling regulations.

16.6. No construction or renovation work shall be conducted in any apartment except on weekdays (not including legal holidays) between the hours of 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and Saturday between the hours of 11:00 AM to 5:00 P.M. No repair work shall be done on Sunday.



17. Any damages suffered by the property of the corporation as a result of the actions of any shareholder, tenant, or guest shall be and remain the responsibility of the shareholder. The shareholder shall pay for such damages along with reasonable attorney's fees and any other costs in the collection thereof.

Exterior Parking

18. No vehicle belonging to a shareholder, tenant, guest, resident, subtenant or employee of a shareholder or tenant shall be parked in such a manner to impede or prevent ready access to any entrance of the building by another vehicle.

19. No vehicle shall stand or be parked at the front entrance under the portico to the building unless for the purpose of loading and unloading passengers or parcels, and only when a driver attends the vehicle.

20. No vehicle shall remain standing in the fire lane. It is against Union City law.

21. No vehicle shall remain standing in the four front circle-transient parking spaces for more than 30 minutes. The owner of the vehicle shall notify the doorman and shall ensure that the vehicle parked shall have the four-way flashers operating. The 30-minute limit is in effect so that all shareholders may enjoy this accommodation.

22. Parking or standing of vehicles in the north and south loading zones of the building is prohibited except for the loading or unloading of parcels, furniture, appliances or other heavy objects. Anyone parking in the loading zones must notify the Concierge.

23. The upper south parking lot is for guest parking. In order to park in this lot, the guest must register his or her vehicle with the Concierge (name of resident & apartment number, make of car, color, and license number). The Concierge will allocate a space and provide the Guest with a Parking Permit, which must be visible from the outside of the vehicle at all times.

23.1. Any vehicle without a valid and visible guest-parking permit will be immediately towed at the owner’s expense.

23.2. The charge for guest parking is $5. The charge for cars in the parking lot past 11:30 PM will incur an additional $5, permitting them to remain in the lot until 09:00 AM the next morning. The maximum fee for 24 hours is $10.

23.3. Guest parking is not for use by residents.



24. Parking spaces in the garage are for Troy Towers’ residents only. The parking spaces are rented to residents on a separate contract at a monthly rate approved by the Board of Directors.

24.1. When a shareholder sells his/her Proprietary Lease and Shares in the Corporation, the parking space does not go with the apartment. New residents must apply to the Management Office for his/her parking space(s).

24.2. Every apartment is entitled to rent one parking space; however, residents may not sublet parking spaces. If additional spaces are available, a resident may rent more than one space. In the event that there is a shortage of spaces, the resident will have to give up the additional space(s).

24.3. If a resident wishes to have a vehicle, other than the registered vehicle, park in the garage, permission must be obtained in advance from the Management Office (not the Concierge). Failure to do so can result in the vehicle’s being towed.

24.4. Residents wishing to change parking spaces (move up a level) must place their request with the Management Office. The Office will keep a waiting list of requests.

24.5. The garage is not to be used as a storage area. Items such as plants, signs, tires antifreeze, batteries, etc. are not to be left in the garage. Tires can become a place for mosquitoes to breed, with the possibility of the West Nile virus becoming a threat to residents. Shopping carts are permitted.

24.6. All vehicles in the garage must contain a current registration and they must be operable. The garage is not a storage area for cars that are not being used. Residents with cars in this condition will be asked to remove them; failure to do so will result in the vehicle’s being towed at the owner’s expense.

24.7. Every vehicle in the garage must have a Troy Towers’ parking decal on their window. Shareholders who wish to have another person temporarily utilize their parking spot must have prior permission from the Property Manager (not the Concierge). Cars parked in the garage without the appropriate permissions shall be ticketed and towed.

25. Speeding in the garage will not be tolerated. The speed limit is 5 MPH. When driving in the garage, residents shall sound their horns with a reasonable degree of frequency to alert other cars and pedestrians to their presence.


26. The following rules shall be observed with respect to the incinerator and/or compactor equipment:

26.1. All debris shall be securely wrapped or bagged, in a small package size, and placed down the compactor chute.

26.2. All medical waste (syringes or other medical utensils, medical gloves, etc.) shall be appropriately wrapped and bagged for disposal, clearly labeled as "medical waste" in large characters, and placed neatly on the floor in the compactor room. This shall be done in a manner that will not inflict harm to the employees who handle the garbage.

26.3. Glass and plastic containers, cans, and aerosol containers shall not be discarded into the compactor chute, but shall be placed in designated areas in compactor rooms. Aerosol containers shall be placed neatly on the floor in the compactor room. All empty containers must be rinsed out to avoid vermin.

26.4. All cat litter shall be double bagged and left in the compactor room.

26.5. Cartons, boxes, crates, sticks of wood or other solid items shall be tied and placed in a neat pile on the floor of the compactor rooms.

26.6. Under no circumstances should any of the following be thrown into the compactor chutes: carpet sweepings, naphthalene, camphor balls or flakes, floor scrapings, plastic wrappings, oil soaked rags, empty flammables, explosives, highly combustible substances, lighted cigarettes or cigar stubs.

26.7. Bulk garbage and refuse from the apartments shall be disposed of only at such times and in such manner as the Superintendent or the Property Manager of the building may direct.

26.8. Toilets and sinks are to be used only for the purpose for which they were designed. Sweepings, rubbish, rags or any other articles shall not be thrown into any of these units or down any drain. The shareholder in whose apartment the damage occurred shall pay for the cost of repairing any damage resulting from misuse of any toilet or sink or other similar apparatus.



27. The Gym on the first floor is for the use of residents of the building only; no guests are permitted. There is an annual fee required to belong to the gym. Access to the gym will be through the use of the Smart Entry Card System. Any person who is not a member of the gym and uses the gym will be assessed a $100 Administrative Charge. If this person is a guest of a resident, the resident will be assessed the charge. Members of the gym are encouraged to advise the Property Manager of any violations.

House Rules

28. These House Rules may be added to, amended or repealed at any time by the Board of Directors.

29. The Board of Directors, with written explanation, can revoke any consent or exemption given under these rules by the Board of Directors, at any time.

Ingress & Egress

30. Delivery and Trades people shall register with the Concierge at the Front Desk. Trades people working in the building shall wear a current daily badge, which is issued by the Concierge.

31. Furniture, carpets, appliances, construction materials, trunks and heavy baggage shall be taken in or out of the building through the basement level.

Laundry Facilities

32. Laundry facilities are provided for the use of all residents.

33. Residents shall be prompt in the removal of their laundry from the machines when the cycle is complete. If the laundry is left in the machine (not operating) for more than 15 minutes, and another shareholder requires the machine, then this other shareholder may remove the laundry and place it on top of the machine.

34. No washing machine or dryer shall be installed in any apartment.


35. All shareholders and residents should share in the Corporation's goal of having the lobby maintain a first class appearance at all times.

36. The Concierge must always keep the lobby neat and tidy. This includes the mail and package rooms.

36.1. All visitors must sign in.

36.2. All Delivery and Trades people must sign in and receive a current daily badge.

37. The lobby represents an opportunity for shareholders to show the rest of the world that they are proud of their building. In order to best utilize the lobby and to improve the value of the shareholders’ investment, the following rules will be strictly enforced.

37.1. The lobby is not a meeting place for residents. The lobby is not intended to be a social gathering place; the Card Room has been established for such purposes; please make use of it.

37.2. There shall be no campaigning for election in the lobby.

37.3. The use of loud or profane language in the lobby is prohibited.

37.4. Entrance to the pool through the lobby is not permitted with the exception of those people who physically cannot climb a dozen steps. In order to be permitted to enter the pool through the lobby, a resident must request approval in writing at the Management Office. This request, if approved, will result in the activation of their Smart Card for pool access. Other residents are not permitted to piggyback on the privileges accorded to the residents approved in this paragraph.


Moving & Deliveries

38. Moving. Moving in or out of the building shall only be permitted on Monday – Friday from 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM and requires an appointment to be made with the Property Manager at least seven days in advance so that the necessary items can be put in place to protect the building’s carpet and elevators.

38.1. There is a $200 charge associated with each move (in or out); the fee must be paid to the Management Office at the time of making the appointment. Moving outside of the regular moving hours, or without an approved appointment, will result in a $500 Administrative Charge being assessed to the resident.

38.2. Upon approval of the move, the resident will be provided with the key to manage the movement of the designated elevator. Only this elevator is to be used by the resident for moving. After the elevators have been refurbished, only the most southerly elevator will be designated for moving. The use of any other elevator will result in a $500 Administrative Charge plus restitution for any damages that occur.

38.3. An individual conducting a move with a professional moving company shall have the company provide the Management Office with a certificate of insurance prior to the move.

38.4. An individual doing a self-move shall provide the office with an additional deposit of $350 to cover the cost of any damage caused to the building. This will be refunded if there is no damage caused during the move.

38.5. All Christmas trees will be bagged and removed by the Staff upon request being made at the Office. Individuals shall not remove their own Christmas trees.

39. Deliveries. Furniture & appliance deliveries are restricted to Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Any damages will be subject to a Charge to cover the cost of the damage. After the elevators have been refurbished, only the most southerly elevator will be designated for such deliveries. The use of any other elevator will result in a $500 Administrative Charge plus restitution for any damages that occur.

Noise & Odors

40. No resident shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the building or do or permit anything to be done therein, which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other shareholders or occupants.

41. No resident shall play any musical instruments or operate a phonograph, radio, television, cassette player, compact disc player or other sound amplifier at a loud volume in any apartment as follows:

41.1. On Sunday through Thursday nights between the hours of 9:00 P.M. and the following 9:00 A.M.

41.2. On Friday and Saturday nights between the hours of 11:00 P.M. and the following 9:00 A.M.

41.3. Unreasonably loud music or noise of any kind is prohibited at all times. The only exception to this rule is approved construction work.

42. No unreasonable cooking or other odors shall be permitted to escape from the apartment.

43. No construction or repair work or other installation involving noise shall be conducted in any apartment except on weekdays (not including legal holidays) between the hours of 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and Saturday between the hours of 11:00 AM to 5:00 P.M. No construction or repair work shall be done on Sunday.

44. The floors of each apartment must be covered with rugs or carpeting or equally effective noise reducing material to the extent of at least eighty (80%) percent of the floor area of each room, except only the kitchens, bathrooms, closets and entrance foyers.

45. In the event that a resident is disturbed by noise, he/she shall immediately contact the Concierge. The Concierge shall send the Security Staff to investigate the noise and file a report to the Property Manager. Any responsible party shall be provided with an Administrative Charge if found to be in violation of the House Rules.

46. If the person being disturbed does not follow this procedure, then no action can be taken.

Pest Control

47. The Property Manager and any authorized contractor, upon written notice to the shareholder or tenant, shall be given access to the apartment at a reasonable hour of the day. The purpose of access shall be the inspection or treatment of the apartment to control or exterminate any vermin, insects or other pests. If the Property Manager takes measures to control or exterminate carpet beetles or pantry pests, the cost shall be payable by the shareholder and/or occupant.


48. No animal shall be kept or harbored in the building, with the exception of cats, fish in small fish tanks, and caged birds.

48.1. In no event shall dogs be kept or harbored in the building. Guests may not bring dog(s) into the building.

48.2. No pigeons or other birds or animals shall be fed from the windowsills, terraces, balconies, the yard, court spaces, other public portions of the building, or on the sidewalk or street adjacent to the building.

48.3. No animals shall be permitted to roam the hallways.


Public Areas

49. The Concierge’s Desk is not a public area. Residents have no business walking behind the desk or using the phone systems on the desk. If there is an urgent requirement to contact a resident, the Resident shall request the Concierge to do so on his or her behalf, or they shall use the House Phone in the Lobby.

50. The public halls, elevators, and stairwells of the building shall not be obstructed and shall not be used for any purpose other than to enter or leave the apartments in the building.

51. The stairwells shall not be obstructed in any way whatsoever.

52. There shall be no playing in the public halls, stairwells, or elevators. Doors to the stairwells shall be kept closed.

53. No public hall of the building shall be decorated or furnished by any shareholder or occupant of an apartment. This includes the placing of decorations or ornaments on the apartment doors. Any damage to the paint surface shall be corrected at the shareholder’s/tenant’s expense. However, during the following holiday seasons decorations on the doors will be permitted:

53.1. Winter festive season door decorations will be permitted from Thanksgiving until 15 January.

53.2. Halloween – Door decorations will be permitted during the month of October.

54. The Property Manager shall make rounds of the building from time-to-time and remove any articles in violation of this House Rule. This shall be followed up with a letter to the resident.

55. Articles shall not be placed in the halls or on the staircase landings or fire towers, nor shall anything be hung or shaken from the door, terraces or balconies or placed upon the outside windowsills of the building. Doormats are not permitted by the fire code.

56. Tricycles, bicycles, scooters or similar vehicles and baby carriages or wheelchairs shall not be allowed to stand in the public hallways, open balconies or any other public areas of the building. Bicycle, scooter riding or roller blading is not allowed in hallways or any public area of the building.

57. No person shall be permitted on the roof without the express consent of the Board of Directors and/or the Property Manager.

58. Troy Towers is a no smoking building; this means that there shall be no smoking in any of the internal public areas of the building, including, but not limited to the garage stairwells, Gym, Card Room, building stairwells, main lobby and hallways. Smoking is permitted outside the building.


59. Troy Towers uses a Smart Card entry system to permit residents to enter the building. Each resident shall receive only one Smart Card; more than one card increases the security risk to the building.

59.1. If a resident wishes a second card for use to enter and leave the garage only, he/she may purchase this from the Management Office. Upon purchase of the second Smart Card ($10) for use to enter and leave the garage, the original card will be disabled for use in the garage. Under no circumstances will a resident be permitted to have more than one card to access the building,

59.2. If a resident requires a card for a visitor who is staying with him or her for a defined period, he/she may obtain a card after leaving the required deposit with the Office. Failure to return the card at the end of the defined period will result in forfeiture of the deposit. The card will be deactivated at this time.

60. If the resident loses his/her Smart Card, a new card will cost $25.


61. We live in a building serviced by employees who belong to unions. Although any person has a right to hear his accusers, this is even more so the case when a union employee is involved. In order to take disciplinary action against any employee, the Corporation must receive a written complaint about that employee.

62. Any complaints about either service or specific employees should be registered with the Property Manager. Should you not be satisfied with the action taken by the Property Manager, the matter may then be appealed in writing to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may be contacted by leaving a letter with the doorman addressed to the Secretary of the Board.

63. Each complaint will be fully investigated. When a complaint against a particular employee is involved, the employee will be given an opportunity to give his/her side of the story. Where disciplinary action is warranted, the employee will be reprimanded (or for certain types of actions, the employee may be terminated), and a written record of the disciplinary action and its cause will be put in his work record.

64. Please note that the employees of the building take their instructions from the Superintendent, the Property Manager and the Board of Directors. The Board is the final authority on all matters of policy governing the operation of the building and its staff. Individual shareholders or tenants should not give orders to building employees, nor should employees be verbally abused for carrying out their duties. Any complaints should be made to the Superintendent or the Property Manager, not to the employee involved.

Shareholder’s Annual File Review

65. The shareholder may contact the Property Manager on the anniversaries of his or her approval dates to provide the opportunity to review the contents of his or her file. Each shareholder shall update his or her records by providing a copy of the front page of the homeowner’s insurance policy applicable to the shareholder’s apartment. Homeowner’s insurance is mandatory.

Storage Rooms

66. The storage rooms on each floor are designed to store small items. All items must be placed in a box or container. Each box must be properly labeled with the name and apartment number of the shareholder. These storage rooms are to be shared equitably by the shareholders on that floor. The staff shall empty the storage rooms every two years so that the rooms can be cleaned. Notice of intended cleaning shall be given so that shareholders have an opportunity to decide on the value of retaining the items stored in the storage room.

66.1. No flammable materials, i.e., paints, lacquers, varnishes, etc. are to be kept in these storage rooms.

67. The storage rooms in the basement and under the swimming pool are designed to handle larger items. There are lockers in these storage rooms that are available for rent by residents on a first come, first serve basis.

Swimming Pool

68. The Board of Directors shall determine the hours and manner of operation, including safety regulations, of the swimming pool from time to time:

69. The swimming pool and deck areas are provided for the use of the residents and their guests. All residents and guests using the pool are subject to the pool rules and regulations as determined by the Board of Directors.

70. The Board of Directors reserves the right to establish a seasonal charge for swimming pool use. Such charge shall be based on the estimated operating costs attributable to the swimming pool.

71. No person entering or leaving the swimming pool areas shall be permitted to enter into the elevators or other public portions of the building unless properly attired. The normal method of entering and leaving the pool is by way of the basement level. Entrance to the pool from the lobby may be done subject to prior approval at the Management Office (see section under Lobby).



72. Enclosures. Shareholders may enclose their terraces, provided that they comply with the rules outlined below. Failure to comply with these rules shall result in the terrace enclosure’s removal or alteration to achieve compliance within 30 days. This shall be done at the owner’s expense:

72.1. The standard terrace enclosure arrangement shall be used. This is attached as Annex A. Apartments in the 2, 5, 11, 14 lines should use one half of the drawing in Annex A.

72.2. Permits must be obtained from the City and presented to the Management Office for storage in the shareholder’s apartment file.

72.3. The proposed contractor must have the necessary insurance and licenses to operate in Hudson County. These must be presented to the Management Office for inspection prior to the commencement of any work.

72.4. Prior to commencing any work, a proposed plan to enclose the terrace must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. A response shall be provided in writing with a copy placed in the shareholder’s unit file.

72.5. All the Corporation's rules, whether in the House Rules or in the governing documents, relating to "Construction" shall also be complied with.

73. Terraces, including enclosed terraces, shall not be used as storage areas. Furthermore, the hanging of clothing and the storing of brooms and mops are not permitted on the terraces.

74. There is a standard paint scheme for unenclosed terraces. Shareholders wishing to paint their terraces shall comply as follows:

74.1. The bronzed railings are not to be painted. If replaced, the railings shall be bronze in color with glass panes.

74.2. The walls are not to be painted by the resident, nor are mirrors to be installed on the walls.

74.3. The special finish on the ceiling and floor is not to be painted.

75. There shall be no carpets or Astroturf put down on top of the terrace deck. These coverings tend to trap water and damage the deck. The terrace floor shall not be covered in tile without the express written permission from the Board. The shareholders who wish to cover their terrace floors in tile will assume all responsibility for the maintenance of the terrace floor.



76. No group tour, open house, or exhibition of any apartment or its contents shall be conducted, nor shall any auction sale be held in any apartment without the permission of the Property Manager.

77. Real estate companies wishing to conduct an open house must obtain permission from the Property Manager.

Work by Building Employees

78. No building employee shall be permitted to do any personal business for any resident during that employee's regular working hours. In the event that this occurs, the employee may be terminated, and the Resident shall receive a $500 Administrative Charge.


79. Any windows that are replaced shall be done in accordance with the options in Annex B.

Violation of the House Rules

80. Shareholders/residents who violate the House Rules shall receive a $50 Administrative Charge on the first violation. In the event of a repeat occurrence, the resident or shareholder shall be charged $100 for each subsequent occurrence. Failure to pay these charges within 30-days will result in the normal arrears charges being applied.

81. Repeated violations of these rules show disregard for other shareholders, cause the Corporation unnecessary expense and impede management of the building by unnecessarily consuming Management's time and effort. Repeated violations will result in enforcement action, which may include termination of the applicable Proprietary Lease and cancellation of Shares in the Corporation.

No Conflict:

82. These House Rules are not intended to conflict with the terms and provisions of the Certificate of Incorporation, the By-Laws or the Proprietary Lease. In the event there is any such conflict, the Certificate of Incorporation, the By-Laws and/or the Proprietary Lease, as the case may be, shall prevail and be given effect. To the extent these House Rules address any of the subject matter already covered by the Certificate of Incorporation, the By-Laws or the Proprietary Lease, they are intended only to supplement those provisions to the extent permitted by law.


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