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Once you've selected the Troy Towers apartment you'd like to purchase, the next step is to make your official purchase offer. Below is a rundown of the entire process. (Important: Please read the Summary of Troy Towers general policies. These, and all forms referenced below, are available at www.HudsonViewRealty.com or by request.)

The purchase process involves three steps:  (1) Analyze your financial plan to ensure your profile meets the coop's published purchaser guidelines; (2) Obtain agreement on terms with the unit owner so a contract of sale can be prepared; and (3) Obtain approval from the Troy Towers Board Admissions Committee.

  1. If you need financing, first speak with a mortgage lender to obtain a "pre-approval" or "pre-qualification" letter. This is a no-obligation, no-cost document that you can normally get over the telephone, same day if necessary. It is not to be confused with a mortgage "commitment letter," which comes later after a full underwriting process.

  2. Fill out our exclusive Troy Towers Buyer Qualification form to see if your financial profile qualifies to meet the coop's standards and forward to us for consultation. This is important even if you are paying all cash. Your lender or agent may be able to help you in filling out this form.

  3. Fill out a Hudson View Realty "Offer to Purchase Coop" form.

  4. Complete a rough draft of the Troy Towers coop Board application form
    ("HTTAC Purchase Application Form"). (Note, this is a fillable MS Word doc; if you are unable to download or open it you can use this .pdf version and print it).
    Fill out pages 3 through 7 only at this stage, and keep for later finalization and duplication. Start collecting the required documentation and have readily available for prsentation when needed. For any over-18 household member who will be living in the apartment but not an owner of the shares, please have them complete the Resident Application Form.

  5. Deliver the above three forms to Hudson View Realty.

  6. Please note that Troy Towers as well as your lender will run your credit history upon application. We have found it advisable to review your credit report with us prior to signing a purchase contract. This will enable us to calculate your debt to income ratio in a manner similar to how the coop board would. We can also identify any errors, or issues that may be of concern to the coop so we can address them in your application or modify your purchase plan to satisfy the coop’s financial requirements. We will assist you in obtaining your credit report and score if necessary. Please note that Hudson View Realty is committed to preserving your privacy and such information is always kept highly confidential and secure.

  7. Once your offer is accepted, you should immediately hire a licensed real estate attorney. The seller's attorney will provide a formal contract of sale to your attorney. Once your attorney has reviewed and approved the contract, you sign it, and it is forwarded to the seller for counter-signature.

  8. When you sign the contract, your "contract deposit" (usually 10%) is also immediately due. This is generally held in the seller's attorney's escrow account until closing, and is credited towards your minimum 20% cash down payment.

  9. Apply right away for a mortgage commitment letter, if applicable. This is required before the final Board application package can be delivered to Troy Towers.

  10. Complete your final Troy Towers Purchase Application, have your signature notarized (we have an on-site notary for your convenience if needed) and submit one complete printed set of all required documents to Hudson View Realty according to the timetable provided in your contract. Hudson View Realty will help you in reviewing all documentation for completeness and then forward to Troy Towers as per their deadline. (Please note: if you are unable to make duplicate copies of your documents, Hudson View Realty can provide scanning, duplication and collating services for an administrative fee of $50).

  11. Board Admissions Committee interview: The Admissions Committee will review your application and when ready, management will contact you directly to schedule an interview, usually via Zoom and in the early evening. You should allow up to 30 days for the process but often it may take just two to three weeks to be interviewed. All applicants, co-applicants, and adults who will be living in the apartment must attend the interview.

  12. In most cases you will have a formal written decision from the board within a few days after your interview.

  13. Upon notification of approval, immediately contact your attorney to start scheduling the closing with the other attorneys and your lender. Allow up to about two additional full weeks to close.


In addition to any fees charged by your attorney and your lender, Troy Towers charges the following fees payable by the Buyer:

  • $300.00 Purchase Application fee
  • $75.00 credit/background check fee (per person)
  • $950.00 coop attorney/stock transfer fee which is customarily split 50/50 split with the seller
  • $250.00 move-in fee.
  • $250.00 move-out fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us any time.

Contact: Paula Brown, (201) 866-6500

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The above information and offerings, while deemed from reliable sources, are subject to errors, omissions, prior sale, rental, change of terms, or withdrawal without notice. Neither broker nor owners make any representation as to the accuracy hereof.

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