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The use and manufacture of lead-based paint was outlawed in the United States in 1978. While reports of the hazards of lead contained in paint had been circulated for many years prior to that and the use of lead-based paint had therefore become less and less widespread, buildings constructed prior to 1978 have the possibility that lead-based paint may have been used during their construction or renovation. The federal Environmental Protection Agency therefore requires that for all sales or rentals within buildings constructed prior to 1978, information and disclosures about the hazards and possible presence of lead-based paint be provided to the buyer/tenant prior to closing the sale or lease.

To the best of our knowledge, lead-based paint has generally not been detected in The Doric, which was constructed in 1969. However, in compliance with federal law, the following pamphlet is being provided here for your information and a disclosure statement will be given to you, signed by your prospective seller or landlord, declaring whether they have any knowledge of or have tested for lead-based paint.

EPA Pamphlet: Protecting Yourself from Lead in Your Home

If you have any questions, please ask your attorney or real estate agent for more information.

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